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Our mission at Raw But Real is to provide awareness about mental health and be a conversation starter to help people learn about what mental illness truly is, the challenges within our medical system, and how we can support it. We trust our work is not about perfection but about normalizing embracing the highs and lows we experience as humans. 

Raw But Real. 

Each purchase will include handouts that will provide information about the charity/organization that your purchase supported, as well as hotlines and support groups.

About Siobhan

I am a 23-year-old girl who wants to make a difference. I am not a celebrity or a social media influencer: at least not yet. But, I do have an important message to help mankind.

Having experienced my own mental health issues, I thought I understood it. Not until the day my world came crashing down when my dad experienced a mental health crisis did I even begin to see. The weeks and months afterwards were like a maze of never-ending dead ends. I knew then that I wanted to help to educate people, especially young people, on what mental health is and how they can each help.

Welcome to the launch of Raw But Real. Something good always comes from the deepest of challenges.